Intelligent Automation for Utilities: The Future is Now

This press release originally appeared in Utility Dive.

CHICAGO, IL - May 18, 2021 - HEXstream and Automation Hero today announce their partnership to deliver cutting-edge intelligent process automation solutions to utilities worldwide.  The two companies kick off their new partnership with a webinar on Thursday, May 27, 2021 at 11:00a EDT. 

At the moment, utilities collect a tremendous amount of data about their operations, billing, asset health, and more.  Often, pulling this data together from disparate systems and preparing it for analysis involves clunky, manual processes that keep analysts away from higher value-adding tasks.  Intelligent process automation uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related technologies to tackle both simple, repetitive tasks as well as more intricate undertakings, all within an organization’s existing technology framework.  As a result, utilities can deliver better customer service, simplify record-keeping, and more while allowing employees to focus on more valuable activities.

“We have seen firsthand how intelligent process automation can help utilities in their digital transformation journey by streamlining the flow of data in order to improve customer service, outage response, and more” said Jamal Syed, President & CEO of HEXstream.  “We are looking forward to enjoying a successful partnership that benefits our existing and future clients for years to come.”

Whether a utility is a conglomerate or a co-op, our increasingly complex network of technology, systems, and regulatory requirements can complicate the execution of essential tasks, reporting, and data analysis.  In our upcoming webinar, we will discuss the following real-world intelligent process automation use cases.

1. High-Speed, High-Accuracy Invoice Processing

2. Field Note Digitalization

3. Automated Compliance Assistance

“We're excited to partner with the leader in the field of data analytics for utilities,” said Friedrich Sulk, Head of Partnerships at Automation Hero. “By combining our intelligent automation technology with HEXstream's expertise and extensive network, we will help a lot of utilities realize massive ROI."

To learn more about how process automation solutions are transforming the utility industry, register for our webinar here, or reach the HEXstream team by clicking here.

About HEXstream

HEXstream is a solution-driven company focused on solving data- and analytics-related business problems for utilities and other clients.  We help our customers transform operational data streams into actionable, real-time business intelligence.  Our work includes integrating existing systems, supporting new implementations, building custom data warehouses, and managing cloud migrations-- whatever approach is necessary to help clients collect, integrate, and utilize data as effectively as possible.  HEXstream's solutions drive tangible cost savings and operational efficiencies, empowering organizations to operate more responsively, precisely, and efficiently. 

To learn more, visit our websiteTwitter, and LinkedIn.

About Automation Hero

Automation Hero provides the fastest time to automation value with its end-to-end intelligent automation platform. By eliminating time-consuming and repetitive tasks with agile AI workflows, information workers can now focus on more impactful revenue-generating activities.

Customers can easily accelerate their automation projects with point-and-click, no-code functionality. And, seamless integration with legacy software also means reduced reliance on IT.

The platform offers both unattended and attended automations. Its attended version is personified by Robin, a personal automation assistant, that creates an approachable integration between AI and humans.

To learn more, visit our websiteTwitter, and LinkedIn.

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