Knoxville Utilities Board & HEXstream Launch Utility360 Outage Management Analytics Initiative

Originally published in Utility Dive

CHICAGOHEXstream is pleased to announce a new project with Tennessee-based Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) to implement Utility360®, HEXstream’s outage analytics platform.  Utility360 is designed to give users a comprehensive view of operational data.  It will use data from KUB’s existing ADMS system and Oracle Utilities Network Management System (NMS) to provide the utility with much better visibility into their electrical systems, especially during outage situations.

HEXstream will develop dashboards using Microsoft PowerBI, which KUB has adopted as their standard visualization tool.  The PowerBI dashboards will be available with Utility360 in addition to the native Utility360 dashboards and those developed using Oracle Analytics Server that are already part of the platform.

“Our team is eager to embark on this new partnership with HEXstream, and we look forward to a successful implementation of the Utility360 platform” said Mark Kenner, Director of Information Services & Security at KUB.  “We believe the project will help us better utilize data to track and improve outage performance, customer communications, and other operational activities.”

Utilities collect vast amounts of data each day.  HEXstream contends that Utility360 transforms this data into actionable analytics for utility stakeholders, ranging from analysts to customer service representatives to C-suite executives.  From managing crews, to tracking restoration times, to integrating directly with customer-facing systems, Utility360 gives utility professionals crucial real-time analytics across a variety of business-critical situations.

Utility360 was created by HEXstream based on extensive experience working with some of the largest utilities in North America.  Its flexible data model supports both real-time and historical analysis and is easily extendable to include additional data sources.  Crucial operational data that can be easily tracked using Utility360 include crew availability, asset status, circuit-level reliability metrics for any time-period, customer outage report history, and storm-specific details.  Custom alerts can be configured for issues like outages missing an ETR estimate or a critical-customer outage.

“We are extremely excited to partner with the Knoxville Utilities Board to implement Utility360” said Jamal Syed, President & CEO of HEXstream.  “The platform reflects HEXstream’s years of experience working closely with utilities of all sizes to address their most pressing business challenges, and we are confident that it will help KUB to improve customer service and outage management.”

For more information about Utility360, you can reach the HEXstream team here.

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