Koios Delivers Comprehensive Data Quality and Master Data Management

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. and CHICAGODec. 5, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — HEXstream, an advanced analytics company, and NaveegoTM, an emerging leader of cloud-based Data Quality and Master Data Management (MDM) solutions today announced the release of KoiosTM, a new quality and master data management solution powered by Naveego’s Complete Data Accuracy Platform.

The cloud-based Koios solution powered by Naveego enables enterprises to maintain the integrity of their data by upholding a single version of truth. Leveraging the Naveego Data Accuracy Platform, organizations can automatically scrub data across data silos to eliminate duplicates and inaccuracies to achieve global data health while saving significantly on future infrastructure costs. In addition, the platform connects all disparate data sources into a single view across CRM, ERP, and MDM systems, as well as new data from web searches, clickstreams, IoT sensor data, social media, and streaming data.

“Ensuring the integrity and accuracy of data assets is at the epicenter of any effective digital business transformation,” said Katie Horvath, CEO of Naveego. “We are pleased to be partnering with HEXstream to deliver Koios, ushering in a new era of data quality and master data management to transform data into actionable information assets for business productivity and profitability.”

Koios provides a single platform to import and push external data to multiple systems across an organization through one centralized process. The risk of human error is mitigated by detecting related data across the entire enterprise and combining it into one clean, master set. Koios then monitors the data it integrates to strengthen overall organizational trust in the data. Data managed with Koios is made visual with Naveego’s user-friendly dashboard, taking a bottom-up approach to data quality and exception management helping users to track and report on overall quality and health. By subscribing to Koios, organizations can easily begin to refine their existing and future data operations with minimal ramp-up time and post-implementation maintenance.

“Without a tool like Koios to automate data quality management, teams cannot be sure that their data is clean or accurate enough to derive valuable analytic insights,” said Jamal Syed, President and CEO of HEXstream. “Our team here at HEXstream is very excited for the opportunity to partner with Naveego to develop Koios and we are pleased to roll out the new solution to our customers to help them monetize their data assets for competitive advantage.”

For more information about Koios, please call Andre Wolosewicz at 708-217-3820, or email sales@HEXstream.com.

About HEXstream
HEXstream is a digital transformation company that is highly specialized in Data Fabric and Analytics. We provide expert consulting services to help clients streamline their business processes through the power of prescriptive and predictive analytics.  To learn more about HEXstream, please visit our website at HEXstream.com, or follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter.

About Naveego 
Naveego is an emerging leader of cloud-first Data Quality and Master Data Management solutions that enable organizations to ensure their data is accurate, consistent and reliable for driving critical business value. As a trusted provider of data quality and master data management technology since 2012, Naveego sets itself apart with a unique business process and rules-centric approach that analyzes and monitors enterprise data, even while in production. Using four simple steps of Connect, Trust, Optimize and Sync, Naveego’s Data Accuracy Platform provides a simple, cost-effective solution for managing the ongoing data quality process and integrating all of an organization’s data sets within minutes – not days, weeks or months. Using Naveego, organizations are remastering their business data for a new competitive advantage. For more information, call +1 231-346-4144, visit http://www.naveego.com or connect with Naveego on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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